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Texas Beef for Texas Tables

16 Cattle Company Beef

16 Cattle Company Beef stands for succulent, high-grade Texas beef. We pride ourselves in bringing you the very best beef raised by Texas ranchers for Texas tables.  You can be confident in buying our beef for your family. 


At 16 Cattle Company, we care for our cattle responsibly from our pasture to your table by:

  • Rotational grazing to improve weight gain and distribution of manure to act as a source of nutrients to the soil

  • Not feeding corn to our cattle to keep their digestive systems healthy

  • Sustainably raised with no hormones or steroids

  • Unique cross bred program that allows our cattle to thrive on dry, drought-prone Texas pastures

  • Finishing our cattle at 24-36 months to bring you nutrient rich, marbled beef that is packed with flavor

  • Providing our cattle with a low stress environment from weaning calves all the way through processing.

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16 Cattle Co. Beef

Our passion for mouthwatering Texas beef began in 2012. Today, years later, we maintain our traditional values and dedication to quality. In a world where large-scale production negatively impacts the caliber and nutritional value of meat, at 16 Cattle Co. Beef, we believe in the importance of a close connection between producer and butcher. We are proud to offer only the finest Texas beef.  To provide our customers with the most flavorful, tender beef, we age our beef 14 days.  This aging process allows the meat to develop its flavor and tenderness.  

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